Recapping my February goal to sweat 5 times a week. 

And just like that, it’s March. MARCH! This year is flying by. With the new job, the new routine, and the new scheduled, I think I am finally adjusting, slowly but surely. Okay, a little slower than expected, but then again it hasn’t even been a full month. (Started my 4th week this week!) I don’t have to be at the new gig until 9AM, which is great for my newly formed 7AM workout habit. But, (there’s always a but) it does mean that I am working a later than I am used to, which means I don’t get home until later that I am used to, or eat until later, you get the picture. For the record though, I am not complaining. I am loving the new gig and the new people I am working with. Exciting things are coming — I can feel it! But we aren’t here to talk about that just yet, we are here to talk about February, and more specifically how I did on that February goal of mine to Sweat Five Times a Week


View riding the bike home from work last night! Bike commuting. That’s a post for another post.

Overall? I did pretty darn good. Let’s review:

First Week of February
3x SoulCycle
1x Bar Method
1x 3 Mile Run
5 Sweats Total
Second Week of February
2x SoulCycle
1x Barry’s Bootcamp
1x Bar Method
1x 5 Mile City Walk (with the BF on VDay… Awww)
5 Sweats Total

A little war paint to get us through 90 minutes of Soul.

Third Week of February
3x Barry’s Bootcamp
2x SoulCycle (including 1 Challenger AKA 90 minute ride)
1x 5 Mile Hike
6 Sweats Total
Fourth Week of February (including 2/29)
4x SoulCycle (including 1 Challenger AKA 90 minute ride… yes again!)
2x Barry’s Bootcamp
2x 10 Mile Bike Rides
8 Sweats Total (8 days though people, 8 days)

The Marin Headlands. Come hike here. It’s worth it.

I am not going to lie, committing to 5 workouts a week the first two weeks was tough! (I mean, full disclosure, I am counting a 5 mile walk around the city which I normally wouldn’t do, but hey, pulling some strings, and telling you about it!) It was tough because it was my last week of my old job, and the first week at the new job, and there was just a lot going on with turnover, takeover, you name it. But I am trying to do this thing this year where I actually commit to the best of my ability, and that’s what I did.
What did I learn last month? That I seriously LOVE working out in the AM.
No, I do not like getting up early.
No, I don’t like showering at the gym.
No, I don’t like not relaxing with a cup of coffee in the morning.
But, you know what I do love? Getting a solid workout in, not thinking about working out the rest of the day, and most importantly, feeling AWESOME the rest of the day. 
I am also just feeling better, not to mention STRONGER. I can feel myself getting fitter, and I like it. It’s SO easy to skip a PM workout when you work late, or get invited to something last minute after work, and I am MORE than guilty of letting workouts slip because of this. I never, seriously never ever, thought I could be in AM workout person, but I think I might actually be. 
As for the March goal, I’ll share that with you soon. 
Be Frank: Are you an AM or PM work-er out-er. Any tips for getting up in the AM and going?

Five Eighteen – why yes, another Friday of me rambling about random things from the week before. 

1. Since I was cleared again for running, I have slowly but surely been getting back into it. (Trying to keep it cool so I don’t re-injure myself, you know, right away.) My goal for 2016 is to get stronger and faster and well, leaner (because damn I have a lot of weddings this year, and I want to LOOK and FEEL great).  Anyways, I have several shorter distance races lined up with the Represent Running crew for the Run the Bay Challenge, and also signed up this week for The Giant Race Half Marathon in September. I am absolutely positive there will be other races and halfs before then (BUT NO MARATHON, nope), but I am putting it OUT there that The Giant Half Marathon is where I will be gunning for a PR. My current PR is 2:15 and I want to take off a good amount of that change. I’ve been getting really into Barry’s Bootcamp the last few weeks, and hit it up 3x this week alone. I have a fun challenge coming up with Barry’s next month too, so get excited. I am planning on my longest run since the Chicago Marathon on Sunday,a  whopping 6 miles, but hey, you gotta start small, and that’s what I am really trying to do so that I am building up my mileage in an intelligent manor, which let’s be honest, so isn’t me. I’ll let you know how it goes. I imagine it will be somewhat painful but I will be left with that AMAZING runner’s high we all know and love.

2012 Giant Race. I ran the 10K. My first 10K ever. I was such a baby.

2012 Giant Race. I ran the 10K. My first 10K ever. I was such a baby.

2. Speaking of Barry’s, and well, morning workouts in general, I am loving my new AM workout routine. I don’t have to be at work until 9AM, so I have been taking advantage of 7AM workouts and gym showers before heading into the office. I used to always try to blow dry my hair and bring a straightener, but I am over it. I have been doing the au natural look, aka walking from the gym to the office with (soaking) wet hair, and just letting it do it’s own thang. This might not sound crazy to any of you, but to me, it is crazy. My hair is naturally wavy/somewhat frizzy, but after discovering Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 Styling Treatment I think it looks at least presentable. I also obviously told everyone on my team this so that they don’t think I am a slob. (Yes, I am serious. Doing me over here.)
Friday selfie? Okay but only to show you the au natural hair.

Friday selfie? Okay but only to show you the au natural hair.

3. For Valentine’s Day this year I really wanted to keep things simple. Usually we do a day trip up the Coast or make reservations at some fancy French restaurant, but this year I just wanted to keep it simple and spend the day with the boyfriend. Sean’s request? Deadpool. And hey, fine by me. I will watch Ryan Reynolds wear a body suit any day. We decided to do breakfast at home, lounge for a bit, and then make our way to a late lunch at Nopalito. We figured getting there around 3 would mean no wait, and we were able to stroll right in. We’ve been wanting to try out Nopalito for a while, and we are so glad we finally did. Sean got the Torta de Chilorio (Shredded pork in adobo + refried pinquito beans + onion + jack cheese + crema + avocado + salsa jalapeño), and I went with the Tacos de Pescado al Pastor (Two tacos of seared fish in ancho chile adobo + orange + onion + cilantro + salsa de morita y tomatillo). We also started with some Guac + Chips, naturally. Mine was excellent, and Sean said his was really good too. I’d definitely go back. Oh yes I would. After lunch we walked from Nopalito through the Lower Haight to Tornando to see if they had any Pliny the Younger. No dice. So we kept walking, grabbed a drink at my old neighborhood bar, Churchill, before walking down to the Mission to see the flick at the new Alamo Drafthouse. The new theater is awesome. They have a pretty great bar in the lobby, and then once you get to your seats you can order food and drinks directly to you. It’s fancy (for a movie theater) and I will definitely be back for another sour beer on draft.


4. Y’all know I love me some SoulCycle. And this weekend I am taking on my first SoulChallenge – a 90-minute SoulCycle class in Marin with Allie + Jenny. (AKA 2 SOULCYCLE CLASSES WITH NO BREAK IN THE MIDDLE. !!) I know this is going to be tough, but awesome, and luckily I’ll have my girl Cassie to suffer power through it with me. Afterwards we brunch. Obviously. Now the only question is where!? (Damn you Farmshop for not opening early enough.)
Avo Toas from Jane. I'm already ready for brunch tomorrow.

Avo Toast from Jane. I’m already ready for brunch tomorrow.


5. Besides Soul + the aforementioned run this weekend, I have a few things on the agenda, but not a lot. Kind of want to keep it relaxing. (Easier said than done.) Tonight’s plan includes a brow wax on the way home (MORE than needed) and then take out. You know what’s going on Saturday AM, the only thing you don’t know if that a little bike shopping will be occurring. I have a few places to check out, but I really just want to pull the trigger so I can start biking to work! I’m going to do a road bike, nothing too fancy, just something functional and for a beginner. I obviously know how to ride a bike, but unless spin class counts (I am totally joking), I haven’t been on a road in well, forever, so want to keep it simple. If I end up loving it, then I can make the investment. Saturday night dinner with friends will round out the day. Sunday AM, I will run baby run, then run to the grocery store for weekly supplies, and then I will relax. At least, that’s the plan. (And yes, that’s relaxing for me.)
And there you have it. We are pretty much caught up. Your weekend has probably already started, and it’s almost time for mine to start too.
Be Frank: Do you let your hair dry naturally? Any other tips beside PRODUCT? Also, are you running The Giant Race? Say YES! We can cross the finish line holding hands, k?

It’s Monday night at 8:45PM as I am writing this, and all I can think of is, WHY CAN’T EVERY WEEKEND BE THREE DAYS LONG? But seriously, and I know I am preaching to the choir here, how freaking awesome would that be? I digress. 

Last week was the first week at the new job, and so far, so, so good. The new schedule? Amazing. 

Embarcadero Sunset

The new view from the office? Also amazing.

No more 3+hour commute.

AM workouts are absolutely possible. And SO appreciated.

I live AND work in my city! Finally.

“I think I’m gonna like it here!”

Yes, I just quoted Annie. You liked it. Maybe?

Anyways, now that I am settling into the new schedule, I am looking forward to new routines. Like I said before, AM workouts (looking at you Barry’s + Soul), blogging more (seriously though, I will prove it), making dinners nightly at home (might be cheating a little), and taking advantage of San Francisco again.

Blue Apron Beluga Lentil Stew and Squash Agrodolce

Beluga Lentil Stew + Squash Agrodolce. A la Blue Apron. And it was delicious.

Commuting takes a toll on you. Or at least on me. By the time I got home I was exhausted, cranky (oh so cranky), and just wanted to hit the couch and re-lax. Who likes living like that? Not me.

It’s crazy though, one week back in the city with a 30ish minute commute (on the bus, thinking about getting a new bike!), and I feel like a totally new person. 

And let me tell you, it feels really, really good.

So basically I was just stopping in to say, I’m backkkkk. 

Be Frank: Do you commute far? If so, how do you cope?

I made sure I had tons of podcasts downloaded, and a friend to call if I needed some good convo!



I probably sound like a broken record, but dude, February already? It’s real, it’s here, it’s happening.

After January’s goal being focused around FOOD, I thought February’s goal should be focused on SWEAT!

Oh. Yeah. Sweat it out

Oh. Yeah. Sweat it out. (via)

Last month I got my sweat on, but didn’t consistently hit 5 workouts a week. I could give a list of excuses (like my 1.5-2hr commute one way that I am ditching, the job that I am ditching, etc.), but let’s just be real, I was busy and 5 workouts a weekdid not happen. The end. No excuses, right Jillian?

Well guess what, it’s happening this month. The new job starts on Monday. In the city. Close to the Ferry Building. And what all that means is that I have gone from an horribly, horrific commute, to an awesomely, awesome commute. AKA the 3 hours on average I spent in my car, I can use to work out and get my sweat on.

I chose 5 workouts a week because while I’d love to do 6 I want to make a goal that’s not only attainable, but allows me to have enough R+R to not get burnt out. But obviously, if I feel like hitting 6 workouts a week, I am not going to stop myself. I think you knew that, but I figured I’d just lay it all out on the line.

So what’s on the sweat list this month?

Running: I AM FINALLY CLEARED! Going to start off slow and steady, and build my weekly runs up. The new inserts feel a bit weird, but good, just different. (I’ll have to do a full review after a month or so of wearing them.) I have the 408K Race to the Row coming up in the beginning of March, which I will be running virtually. (I will be in Chicago that weekend.) I think doing the run by myself is awesome because I have a goal to work up to (running 5 miles COMFORTABLY – I mean it’s been months since I have run), and I still get a medal. I’m into it. (PS: Still thinking about running the 408K Race to the Row or any of the other Bay the Bay Challenge races? Or the whole series? My code is Represent2016JF and it will give you 10% off entry!)

Barre: Trying to get to this at least twice a week. It’s an awesome workout that tones and lengthens you. Who isn’t into that?

SoulCycle: You knew this would be on here. Soul makes me feel strong. I get in a full body workout. Plus I get to hang out with squad. Enough said.

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier. (ALWAYS stuck in my head post-Soul sweat.)

I got soul, but I’m not a soldier. (ALWAYS stuck in my head post-Soul sweat.)

Don’t be surprised to see a little yoga in there, or Barry’s Bootcamp, (which I suppose also falls under the running category), or maybe something else from left field. I like to keep it interesting.

In order to track the month, I am going to write down all the workouts I get in, and check in weekly on the blog to track how it’s going. Accountability right there.

Aren’t you excited?

I sure am.

Be Frank: How many days a week do you workout?

Let’s recap my January goal to eat more plants.

Is it just me, or did January fly by? And I mean fly. Between the New Year, quitting my job and the transitioning that comes with it (last day is on Friday, more on that and the new gig SOON!), trying to get my sweat on just a little bit more, and well, you know life in general, January was over and done before I knew it! Also over? The vegan/eat more plants thing that I had happening. The January Goal.

Can we be super basic and toast to the end of January with a Greens 3?

Can we be super basic and toast to the end of January with a Greens 3?

So, how’d it go? Pretty damn well if I say so myself. There were definitely a few mulligans. (I’ll explain in a minute). Major egg cravings definitely happened. (Yes, egg cravings over EVERYTHING else, and I mean everything – looking at you cheese). But overall throughout the month I really loved focusing on eating my veggies, getting creative in the kitchen, and discovering all the amazing vegan options the Bay Area provides.

Eating vegan came pretty easily actually. Probably because I was more than ready for a month of clean eats and no meat after the holiday season. I mean, how many cuts of filet can one have in a month? I am pretty sure I achieved a PR.

So what did I eat?

Breakfasts were mostly smoothies or big bowls of oats.

Lunches were salads or wraps.

And dinners were soups (obviously), macro bowls, tofu stir fries, and more.

Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl (Frozen Mixed Berries + Banana + Spinach + Chia Seeds + Almond Milk. Topped with some granola. Obviously.

Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl – Frozen Mixed Berries + Banana + Spinach + Chia Seeds + Almond Milk. Topped with some granola. Obviously.

I definitely got creative in the kitchen last month. I cooked tofu for the first time ever, multiple ways, for real. I ate ancient grains, probably too much avocado (and peanut butter for that matter), and rekindled my love with chickpeas. I also relied on some awesome, plant-based city spots like Seed + Salt, The Plant, Blue Barn, Mixt Greens, and Plate. I was never deprived, and after the month feel a whole lot better than I did on December 31st. 

Full Belly Salad - Mixed Greens + Dino Kale + Napa Cabbage + Carrot + Cucumber + Roasted Beets + Pea Shoots + Quinoa + Avocado + Pickled Onions + Hummus + Pumpkin Seeds + Ginger Miso Dressing

Full Belly Salad – Mixed Greens + Dino Kale + Napa Cabbage + Carrot + Cucumber + Roasted Beets + Pea Shoots + Quinoa + Avocado + Pickled Onions + Hummus + Pumpkin Seeds + Ginger Miso Dressing

That being said, everything can have their moments, right? Like the time I ordered a Pisco Sour without thinking about the egg white ingredient until the end of the cocktail at a tiki bar birthday party. (Can we blame that one on the alcohol?) Or the time the veggie burger had I ordered had no cheese on top, but inside the patty did without my knowledge. (Both were delicious by the way. #noregrets)

Even with my mulligans, I think I totally hit the nail on the head during January with the whole WHY I went vegan. To focus on what I was putting in my body, making better, plant-based choices, and realizing how much I don’t need meat. 

So what’s next? I’m still focusing on eating plant-based, but I am going to add back in a few things, and use a pescatarian approach for February. AKA adding back in eggs (pasteurized), wild fish, and limited organic dairy (yogurt, whey protein, and cheese here and there). Am I ever going to eat meat again? Probably but for now, I still want to focus on eating the foods that make my body function and feel its best. 

Power Açaí Bowl. (Guarana + VB Superfood Blend + Almond Milk + Banana + Strawberries + Spinach + Broccoli + Flax Seed; Topped with Banana + Kiwi + Goji Berrie

Power Açaí Bowl – Guarana + VB Superfood Blend + Almond Milk + Banana + Strawberries + Spinach + Broccoli + Flax Seed; Topped with Banana + Kiwi + Goji Berries

February’s goal will be a bit different for last month. More on that mañana. And more on the new job, ASAP. (PS: It’s located IN San Francisco. No more East Bay commute!)

Also, if you’re looking for awesome vegan recipes be sure to check out Oh She Glows, Minimalist Baker, and The Balanced Blonde.

Be Frank: When’s the last time YOU went meatless? (Even for a Monday.)